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DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Investors in the market are hoping that the coin-base debut is just the beginning for cryptocurrency. The recent buzzword-DeFi (Decentralized finance, is an effort to make the world more like bitcoin. It aims to alter the traditional systems of finance, with crypto.

Let us say, you buy an item of new furniture with your credit card. That charge goes from the seller to the bank, further giving that information to a credit card network, with each mediator receiving payments for its services. Decentralized finance eliminates these financial intermediates. Using emerging technology, individuals create transactions using DeFi. One can say, it is based on similar technology of cryptocurrencies, DeFi removes the bank control on money and financial services. It is being designed to use cryptocurrency in this ecosystem. DeFi applications’ more common use is for borrowing and lensing, but more complex options are on the rise, such as becoming a market maker in a decentralized exchange.

Working of DeFi

Like most would have guessed, it indeed uses blockchain technology that other cryptocurrencies use. With the secured database, transactions are recorded on the blocks and verified by the rest users. If they agree on a transaction, the block is finally encrypted and another block contains the same information. In forming a blockchain, each block gets chained with each proceeding block. There is no way one can alter a blockchain as it is sequenced in steps. DeFi has two main goals-to reduce the transaction times and increase people’s access to financial services.


One can loan in DeFi too! With the help of dApp (decentralized finance application), an algorithm matches you to your peers for peer-to-peer lending; two parties agree to exchange crypto, and the lender can be from anywhere! Agreeing to the terms and conditions, the transactions are further recorded in the blockchain, and yes, a mechanism verifies it again-only then can one avail of this loan. DeFi is suited to use cryptocurrency for transactions, but being a developing technology, it becomes uncertain how existing ones will be implemented. The concept essentially focuses on a stable coin, a cryptocurrency backed by fiat currency.

The Beginning stages

This decentralized finance system is still way under evolution. Riddled with mishaps, hacks and scams, the current laws doubt DeFi. They were made on the idea of separate financial institutions. But this borderless transaction questions a regulation. Who would enforce the rules and regulations and essentially, how? These would hinder the path before the safeness of DeFi is confirmed. Financial institutions will surely not let go of the primary way they make money; more likely, they will find a way to get into the system-if not to control this money access, then to make their share. This emerging technology has loads to unfurl along the way.


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