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6G and the future

6G will be the generation that not only connects people but also things. And it is not just about higher speed, but also different benefits of it like:

A horizontal foundation -Wireless communications in the 6G era will serve as an essential foundation for almost all other industries in our society. This will become the new “electricity” in other systems. Everything from a manufacturing floor and logistics supply chain to autonomous transportation and precision agriculture will come to depend on it.

Edge computing - Deploying edge computing will ensure overall throughput and low latency for ultrareliable communications solutions is an important driver and use of 6G.

High-performance computing (HPC) -A strong relationship has been built between 6G and HPC. A lot of edge computing resources will require more centralized HPC resources to do the processing instead of IoT.

When Will 6G Come Out?

6G networks come out sometime around 2030 (or even a bit earlier in Asia since they were the first to introduce 5G), or at least that’s when most companies will be running trials and when we’ll see phone manufacturers tease 6G-capable phones. The next network type will definitely improve on the inevitable weaknesses and limitations of 5G.

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